From Barista to MiséraBarista to…

Hi! Here’s a quick update. Remember when I quit my job as a barista at Barnes & Noble Café? And do you also remember when I said I was working on a musical parody called Les MiséraBaristas? Well, it got made.

That’s the musical, coffee-shop parody of Les Misérables I made with my friends Hayley, Nick, Sam, Ashley, several of my fellow baristas, and dozens of dedicated crew-people and contributors to celebrate my launch into life on set. Well, it wasn’t made strictly for that reason, but I liked to think of it that way.


Here I channel every pensive thought I had about working in the coffee shop.

I’m proud to report that, as of this writing, we have accrued well over 24,000 views since we posted it on YouTube on July 14, 2013. Heck, we even won the award for Viewer’s Choice in the Thriving Artist’s Circle online Tiny Film Festival. We had to bring in quite a few votes to inch ahead of some pretty worthy competition to get that one. Ah, the taste of victory.


Victory tastes like a caramel macchiato, it turns out.

Well, after many happy adventures on set and in the office as an extra, a production assistant, and an office researcher, I’m happy to report that I am enjoying steady work as…



…a barista.


But hey, look closer. Does that look like a coffee shop to you? See that E! poster? That’s me serving coffee in E! Network’s production office. And that coffee bar in front of me – that baby has wheels. I take the mobile coffee cart from office to office, studio to studio, film set to film set. I wheel my setup into the most accessible spot, set it all up and make it pretty, and serve lattes to cast, crew, and producers until it’s time to pack up and head out for the next gig.

The company I work for is called Mocha Kiss, and I’ve been with the company since the beginning of October. See, while I’ve always loved making lattes, I started getting antsy going day in and day out to the same retail store every day. I longed for life on set, to see fresh faces and explore new places on a regular basis. The best part of all is that I don’t feel as anxious about finding the next gig because I’m finally getting regular work with a livable wage.

Now, I don’t intend to change course, of course. My sights are still set on writing, directing, and voice acting. But after many adventures as a PA on set, I rather enjoy the persona of “The Coffee Guy”. Do I worry about getting pigeonholed? Not really. I make it clear very early on to people that I’m a guy of many talents – the art of coffee-making among them. I use the coffee cart as a sort of platform for my own performance art – my mission is to hypnotize, to entice, to entertain, and to bring happiness to every person who comes to my cart. Every person is different, so I make every interaction unique. Some folks like the proverbial – and, occasionally, literal – song and dance, others like vivid descriptions of the drinks I make, and still others prefer a more low-key touch. I oblige, and I earn their respect and a spot in their memories.

And that, dear readers, is a large part of why I’m so enthusiastic about the work that I do. While I’m not out to solicit anyone with shameless self-promotion, I do know that this is a fantastic way for me to make a first impression on people within the industry. While not everyone is curious about what I do outside of coffee catering, I meet a good number of people who recognize that I have a voice and a style worth amplifying to the masses. I agree.

I’m happy to announce that I’m in the early stages of developing a podcast, the tone and contents of which I’ll reveal later. The most I can say is that it will be steeped in storytelling and the velvety sound of my voice.


Ten bucks and a personalized haiku to the person who can decode the message in this sound wave.

That said, it’s time to call it a night. Exciting developments are within view, and I’ll be keeping all of you posted as the updates come along.

Until next time!


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I make puns and movies.
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1 Response to From Barista to MiséraBarista to…

  1. Elliot says:

    That message is a deliciously turned pun.

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