Feature Shoot Aftermath, Part 1

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to our first round of blog-on-the-bus. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that this is the only real free-time I have to tell you about life so far (for now).

So this is my first bus ride to the day job in over two weeks, thanks to the feature film shoot I just returned from. My first LA film shoot! Though really, we were in the Mojave desert, but I still say it counts.

A few days before the shoot, I was all revved up to be a killer DIT (Digital Image Technician) on the set, having read up and refreshed my memory on how to be awesome. This job can stand for a wide range of responsibilities, up to and including working as yet another AC (Camera Assistant). This job called for the more simple, specialized task of sitting with a laptop and a couple hard drives, offloading media as it comes. And it meant hanging out all day in Crafty (or Craft Services, the break room with snacks and beverages). It didn’t promise much activity on a hot set, but I was feeling pretty good about how prepared I was.

Then I got a voicemail from the line-producer asking that I instead take on the role of Boom Operator. They had another guy lined up to DIT instead since he had his own laptop (and I didn’t). I paused for a few seconds before calling back, and I considered how comfortable I was with working on the sound team. Sure, I’ve boomed on a couple of short films — even operated the mixer for a day when the other guy was struck with a bad cat allergy on location. Yeah, hell, why not? It can’t be all that difficult to do for a feature, right?


(Bus has arrived at The Grove. Time to make some lattes.)

To be continued.


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I make puns and movies.
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7 Responses to Feature Shoot Aftermath, Part 1

  1. Morgan Gaw says:

    Oh man can’t wait to hear the rest. Though reading this gives me hope that there is life after college. Sounds awesome.

  2. Matthias says:

    ” the other guy was struck with a bad cat allergy”
    Oh man….I sound like such a failure haha. But good on ya mate.

  3. Jorge Oliver says:

    Excellent, Max. We just acquired 3 REDS for Film II and the position of DIT is essential. Aren’t you glad you’re familiar with all these tasks so you could also do the boom. Pretty cool.

    • Max says:

      Oooh, does that officially mean the end of film stock in Film II? It’ll be interesting to see how students treat their now “unlimited” digital footage. The physical film stock was a rather hard and fast limit on how much they could shoot. More emphasis than ever is now on time management.

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