Cheating the System with Optimism

So I’ve been hearing a lot of different things about the different publications I should be following. Attentive to all industry advice that comes my way, I’ve been keeping a tally of all the subscriptions I should be following:

“You say I should subscribe to the Hollywood Reporter?”

‘Yeah, man, gotta read the trades.’

“And Variety too?”

‘Of course. Required reading.’

‘Also, there’s this job site with something called Below-the-Line you should sign up for, and you really need an IMDBPro account.’

‘Oh, look, here’s a weekend PA Bootcamp that promises to shape you up for your on-set responsibilities! TOTALLY worth it. Jeepers!’

And my hypothetical invoice:

$99 annually for weekly print Hollywood Reporter
$329 annually for Variety subscription
$190 annually for IMDBPro
$200 for a weekend PA Bootcamp
$84 annually for Below-The-Line

Total: $902

That’s a lot of money for a person like me — even in the course of a year. My goal is to infiltrate the system and find a way to get as much as I can for extremely cheap, if not free. The truth it out there, friends, and I’m sure it won’t bleed my miniscule paychecks dry if I play this savvy-like.

Now that I think of it, I can just hang around Barnes & Noble or a well-stocked library for all the trade magazines I can desire. Unethical? When I have a strong and steady income, I’ll happily pay for the convenience of mail-delivered reading material. As for IMDBPro…well, hey, I can make all the use I can out of its 14-day free trial. Loads of valuable information with contact details for production people. Maybe a bunch of film-friends of mine could make the same subscription after mine runs out, and we can bum off each others’ accounts for a while. When even this fizzles, maybe then I’ll look into splitting the cost of subscribing with Ashley.

And the job sites, eh, well, I suppose I only need it to get that first gig. As many industry folk have told me, work begets work.

In the meantime, I’ve come to realize most of my co-workers at Barnes & Noble are filmmakers themselves. Hardly surprising — I mean, the job of barista is the most common alter ego of America’s next hot Hollywood sensation. We can steam the hell out of that latte for the actor who demands it. So rather than pale at the view that maybe I have a lot of competition, I’ve decided to take the optimistic option. I’m going to rally my store-mates to make a series of short films. We could all use an updated screen-reel. And if this works out, maybe this could be the catalyst for some beautiful, powerful connections later on. I pitched the idea to a few of them, and it’s taking pretty well so far.

Now, time to make plans for my rag-tag team of part-time booksellers.


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