Max vs. Girlfriend

Ha! Bet you thought the title refers to the unstable relationship between Ashley and me. Well, first, I would like to debunk that notion and emphasize that we are both tolerating each other quite adequately. Yeah, we’re both pretty unstable, but not in the emotional-commitment way. We’re more messed up in the “what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-them” and “why-do-they-act-like-that” way. So we’re still a special couple.

No, the face-off I refer to is on the professional level. Who knew sharing the same career goals with your significant other would create tension? I hope to make my way through the world of filmmaking by meeting as many insiders as I can, whether the meeting entails coffee, lunch or a studio tour. Maybe land a PA gig. Ashley’s strategy, meanwhile, is to land her first gig by schmoozing with every possible working professional willing to sit down with her for coffee, lunch or a studio tour. Maybe land a PA gig.


So here lies the tension. We’re both trying to get the same thing, and one of us is going to get it first. One day, the inevitable will happen: “Hi honey, welcome home! How was work? I was just hired as Jon Hamm’s personal PA for Mad Men. You smell like stale coffee and steamed milk.” Heck, just today she was given a personal tour of the Warner Bros. studio, got to see the dailies for The Hobbit and was offered to have her resume passed along. While she was frolicking about the studio, I cashed out maybe a thousand people at the café register.  Mixed feelings, I assure you, were had. Though I’m sure she had that feeling the day I landed my day job out here.

“Well hey,” you may think to yourself, “who’s to say you can’t share the connections?” We do, sort of, to an extent. We both visited DreamWorks together, and we both stay very much in contact with the rest of our mutual Webster connections. But both of us made it clear to the other that we’d prefer to form our careers independently of the other because we don’t want to be that baggage-y package deal. I am Maximilian Reid. She is Ashley Lam. We are our own brands. We are our own people. That’s just the way we lovable, ambitious people are.


About Max

I make puns and movies.
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