Coffee and Idols

Since my Sunday post, I’ve already worked two 8 hour shifts at the Barnes and Noble café — and I have another one to look forward to tomorrow…oh, it‘s already tomorrow. Today, then. Anyway, I’m kind of excited about a possible shift on Friday because it’d be exemplary of just what kind of reality shift I’ve undergone in this move to Los Angeles. I mean, it would be a pretty normal shift and all, except for the part where David Lynch and some guy are holding an event. You know, Lynch, the guy behind Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks. And then Steve-O from Jackass is coming on the 14th, and — well, all right, so I guess not everything has to be a big deal. Still. Famous people, y’know? They just don’t happen very often where I’m from.

So I have my day job pretty well-down. I’d rather not dedicate too much of my time documenting my exciting life as a barista. I didn’t come to Los Angeles to make coffee at bookstores, dammit! I came here to make coffee for actors, producers and directors! Maybe I’ll be able to make coffee for David Lynch tomorrow. Whoa.

Actually, to be honest, I haven’t seen a single one of the guy’s movies. None. I only know of him because I’ve heard his name tossed around by a bunch of friends of mine. I can only imagine the level of composure I’d have for someone whose work I already admire.

And that brings me to another problem: I really don’t have that one director, writer or actor I look up to. Sure, I know of directors who’ve made several movies I happen to enjoy, but I haven’t found a specific filmmaker I’d really want to emulate. Their movies are their movies. Mine will be mine. Is it wrong not to have heroes?


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