The Adventure Begins

I left Saint Louis with Ashley Lam at 8:00 AM on Sunday, May 15, 2011. My destination: Los Angeles, California. I’m here now, and I’ve had some time to settle into the new environment. And I’d love to share my adventures with you from here on.

To ease you into my journaling style, I tend to be very precise about details (when I can be). I’ll include dates, times and links to the people and places I bring up. As an example, I have been in LA since Tuesday the 17th, 3:30PM. That’s almost two weeks. Let’s review how I’ve been spending my time thus far:

Tuesday the 17th: I arrived in LA. At 3:30 PM. We drive in at 97.654 MPH, the temperature at 67.54 and wind chill 64.2 (okay, no. I’m not THAT OCD).

Thursday the 19th: I met Franklin Killian at Twain’s, a charming greasy spoon in Studio City that serves breakfast 24 hours a day. Franklin’s an actor/director working on a web series called Paint. He offered me a position as the behind-the-scenes Flipcam operator. The project shoots the first week of August, but he still needs funding and artwork for the project. Details available at this link from his project pages at IndieGoGo and Facebook.

Saturday the 21st: Orientation day for the LA Film Fest — I signed up as a volunteer so that I can meet fellow filmmakers. LA Film Fest runs from June 16-26.

Also, I got an interview at Barnes & Noble at The Grove.

Monday the 23rd: I visited Steve Meyer, a Webster alumnus and animator at DreamWorks. He gave us a three and a half hour tour of Dreamworks, screened the first 30 minutes of Puss in Boots for us, and introduced us to Tron Mai and Ryan O’Loughlin. They had a frank sit-down with us about the animation business — and the film industry in general.

Friday the 27th: The Grove Barnes & Noble called me back. I’m hired! Day job, check.

Tomorrow: I start my first B&N shift at 7:30 AM. Since I have no car, I’ll be taking a bus that leaves at 5:30 AM and arrives 6:40 AM. Ouch.

I’ve made sure to put the rest of my free time to use, too. When I wasn’t sampling the various restaurants and sushi joints, I practiced doing some filmmaker stuff. To challenge my editing chops, I cut together a ten minute video shot on my iPhone 4 and edited it on the same device with the $5 iMovie app. The video came from night’s worth of footage at Webster University’s April 2011 game of Humans versus Zombies — an elaborate, week-long game of tag that pits Nerf gun-wielding “humans” against a “zombie” horde. A zombie that gets hit with a dart is out of play for 15 minutes. A human tagged by a zombie immediately transforms into a zombie player for the duration of the game. As you can imagine, being on the human side can be very stressful. I have already posted Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube.

I’ll make sure I update this blog frequently, and I’ll try very hard to live interestingly so I can write stuff worth reading. Until next post!


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